Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Information Meeting Outline

In case you missed the youth skiing information meeting, here is what we covered:

Cumberland Youth Skiing Program 2007-2008
Enjoy the Outdoors, Enjoy a Great Sport, And Enjoy Each Other!

Goals of the Program
•Have Fun!
•Promote Nordic Skiing as a lifelong sport
•Promote an active and healthy lifestyle, hopefully develop valuable life
Essential Elements of a Successful Program
• I as the coach, Morgan Laidlaw, can provide the outline for the program, the content is provided by the parents (an outline is terrible without the content!)
• The program will only be as good as its parental involvement!
• Redundancy with mentors/coaches is needed at each practice
• Parental Expectations will only be met with Parental involvement
Tasks Needed at Every Session
• Attendance taker (1)
• Departure monitor (1)
• Coaches (6-8)
• Registration Database coordinator
What Does a Practice Consist Of?
• The group is broken down into groups based on ability level (2007 we used Norway, Canada, and USA)
• We practice the drill of the day (V1, V2, diagonal striding, double poling)
• Each group will then go for a 30-45 minute ski hopefully implementing the drill of the day
• All three groups usually reconvene at 4:30 to do some of the following: slalom course, play a game like ultimate Frisbee of soccer on skis (often times the kids gain their most valuable lessons by playing games on skis)
• A good attitude is essential every practice! If you’re having a bad day that’s okay, just don’t bring it to practice! Let skiing turn a bad day into a Great Day!
• Skis – a combination waxable ski is ideal for classical and skating technique
Waxless Fishscales are adequate for learning classic technique but not ideal
• Poles – A combination pole sized up to the chin
• Clothing – layers, ski pants, gloves, hats that will cover the ears
• Water
Communication Channels
• Cumberland Youth Skiing Blog: www.cumberlandyouthskiing.blogspot.com
• EMAIL distribution will be done by Morgan Laidlaw (Morgan@harbordogs.com) at the beginning of each week
• Bill Landis, Cumberland’s recreation director, will be a communication point as well (blandis@cumberlandmaine.com)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Youth Skiing Information / Registration Meeting

The NORDIC SKI PROGRAM at Cumberland's Twin Brook Recreation Area will be offered again this year, for Grades 3-6. Both classic and freestyle (skating) techniques will be taught, for recreation and for future ski teams. Coach Morgan Laidlaw, who MWS skiers enjoyed last year, is returning. The program will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays for seven weeks (weather permitting), Jan 8th - March 6th. Sessions will be held from 3:30PM to 4:30 (ending at 5:00 as the light returns). Each participant will need a pair of Nordic skis, poles, and ski boots.

Parent volunteers are needed to assist, no experience necessary. The fee is $45.00, which can be waived for one child with a parent volunteering. Enrollment limit is based on the number of parent volunteers, to ensure a high quality experience. Parent and skier orientation will be held on Thursday, December 13th from 6:30-7:15 PM at Drowne Road School, Cumberland. To register, pick up a form at the MWS office, or contact Cumberland Recreation Department, 829-2208.