Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lots of Snow today...Classic Thursday

There will be a lot of soft new snow at Twin Brook, challenging to skate on. We'll classic on Thursday, we had planned on skating. If you have Swix purple put on a couple of thin layers. We'll apply wax otherwise.


Monday, January 26, 2009

1/25 Race..Next weekend's event

Dear Skiers,
Thanks to everyone for coming out on a cold day today (Sunday). There was some great skiing by everyone. I hope you had fun! I have attached the results from today's race. Please let me know if I didn't spell your name right or anyother mistakes I might have made.
Next week is our first annual scavenger hunt at Twin Brook, open to all youth skiers 8th grade and younger. Please gather no later than 11:45 on Sunday, February 1 at the shelter on the Tuttle Road side. We will get organized and then skiers will go off and ski all over Twin Brook for an hour. At 1:00, we will all come back to the starting point and hand outprizes for the scavenger hunt. Depending on the age, skiers will either skiwith a partner or an adult.
SINCE WE HAVE TO DO SOME PLANNING FOR THIS ONE, PLEASE RSVP TO ME (Ted Hall, BY FRIDAY NIGHT SO THAT WE CAN GET EVERYTHING WE NEED. The idea of prizes is NOT to present big things, but simply to have little prizes for each of the stations they visit. For every skier participating, please bring at least three small prizes (more if you want to--we will need more than that). Some examples include:--books that you no longer want at your house that you think someone elsemight want--ski posters--a couple of cookies in a bag--if you decide on this one, please cook abatch and bring a bunch of prizes--small toys that you think kids would like--Halloween size candies--pieces of fruit

The idea is to have fun with this. You can ski any style you want at this one--you could even snowshoe if you would prefer. Let me know if you have questions.
Ted Hall
Twin Brook Skate Race, Southern Maine Bill Koch Youth Ski Leage, 1/25/09
Lollypop race approx .5k
J5 approx 2k, J4 approx 3k, J3 approx 4k
Lollypop Division:
1. Stapler, Zeb Cumberland
2. Gagnon, Elizabeth Cumberland
3. Mulling, Natalie Cumberland
J5 Girls
1. Wilbraham, Jenny Bath 11:27
J5 Boys
1. Olins, Yacob Freeport 9:08
2. Menz, Henry Cape Elizabeth 21:23
J4 Girls
1. Nolin, Mikela Yarmouth 18:09
J4 Boys
1. Laukli, Evan Yarmouth 12:01
2. Hall, Nicholas Cumberland 12:22
3. Menz, Daniel Cape Elizabeth 13:38
4. Humphries, Ethan Freeport 14:22
5. Jepson, Camden Scarborough 16:00
J3 Girls
1. Hatton, Dana Cape Elizabeth 15:03
2. Lesnikova, Ihilia Yarmouth 16:06
3. Laukli, Katrina Yarmouth 18:39
J4 Girls
1. Jacobs, Chester Yarmouth 12:53
2. Hall, Carter Yarmouth 14:23
3. Elder, Jack Yarmouth 14:48
4. Jepson, Anders Scarborough 16:07
5. Maurer, Max Freeport 16:33
6. Mullin, Mitchell Cumberland 19:14

Week 1/26

Youth Skiing
We are skate skiing both days this week.  There could be some snow on Wednesday which should keep the conditions great.  Both days were great last week, we skated on Tuesday and classic skied on Thursday.  On Thursday, there was a 120 racer middle school race which kept things interesting.

I'll have wax remover on hand to remove any kick wax from Thursday.

Learn to Ski
For any parents who want to learn more about skate skiing, come to Twin Brook on  Saturday morning at 9:00-10:30 am.  I have a bunch of equipment with the exception of poles.  So if you have poles, bring them.  I have skis and boots that I can lend out.

I'll be at the red building around 8:45am, I'll do a boot fitting and we'll start skiing.   We'll finish at 10:30.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Youth Ski Events

Dear Ski Families,

For the next three Sundays at Twin Brook in Cumberland, we will be hosting Bill Koch events for youth skiers.

Sunday, Jan 25--Bill Koch skate race begins 12:00 with sign up from 11:00-11:45 right by the shelter on the Tuttle Road side. There will be races for the following age categories and ribbons for all participants:

Lollypop (born after 2000)
J-5 (born in 1999 & 2000)
J-4 (born in 1997 & 98)
J-3 (born in 1995 & 96)
Also, if there are any 8th graders who were born in 1994, we will have a J-2race for them.

Sunday, Feb 1--Bill Koch Scavenger Hunt at Twin Brook. This will be open to all youth skiers. Please meet right by the shelter by the Tuttle Road entrance between 11:30 and 11:45 to sign up. Each skier will ski with a mapand a list of possible clues. Full directions will be given that day. THIS EVENT DEPENDS ON EVERYONE BRINGING AT LEAST TWO PRIZES PER SKIER. The prizes should be inexpensive--perhaps a used book that you don't use any longer, some kind of treat, a hat, poster, pin, etc. The idea is that for every station the kids visit, they pick up a small prize when they return. Skiers will go out for 45 minutes and can go all over Twin Brook to look for prize certificates.

Sunday, Feb 8 Bill Koch Tennis Ball Biathlon begins 12:00 with sign upfrom 11:00-11:45 right by the shelter on the Tuttle Road side. There will be skate races for the following age categories and ribbons for all participants:
Lollypop (born after 2000)
J-5 (born in 1999 & 2000)
J-4 (born in 1997 & 98)
J-3 (born in 1995 & 96)
Also, if there are any 8th graders who were born in 1994, we will have a J-2race for them.

Skiers will do one short loop and then come into the "shooting range" where they will need to put three tennis balls through a hula hoop. Then, they will ski another lap, come in and shoot again, and finally ski one final lap.

Please let me know if you have any questions. These events rely on help from parents. If you can come and be prepared to help out, that would be great.

Ted Hall

Monday, January 19, 2009

Week of 1/19 Update

It should be a great week of skiing! We will skate on Tuesday this week and we'll classic ski on Thursday. The air temperature is much more mild this week and everyone should be comfortable.

One thing on the logistic side: prior to departing Twin Brook, please ensure that name have been returned to the check-out area.

Thanks again!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

1/15/09 Practice

To everyone involved with the Cumberland  Youth Skiing Program:

Nordic Skiing is a tough person sport and Maine is a tough person state.  BUT with the cold temperatures and high winds today it is in the best interest of everyone to cancel practice.  Thanks and we'll see you next Tuesday.

Have a good weekend!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Week of 1/12 Update

It should be a great day of skiing tomorrow.  Be sure that everyone is prepared attire wise.  Also please try to mark your child's equipment with name or some type of unique identification. Other than that, everything should be pretty straight forward.

Thanks and have a good week!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bridgton Biathlon Sunday, January 18th

The Bridgton Biathlon, sponsored but the Southern Maine Biathlon Club and Maine Winter Sports Center will take place on Sunday, January 18th.  

This is an air rifle biathlon where the guns are provided by the race organizers.  You do not ski with a gun, instead you ski a lap and then come into the shooting area to pick up a gun to shoot the target.

The total race distance is 4k.  Each skier will do one lap, come in and shoot, ski another lap, shoot etc..

Event Time: Clinic will take place from 10:00-11:30am and its required that all racers take the clinic.  The race begins at noon.

Location: Five Fields Farm, Bridgton. for  directions.

The race is open to young skiers and adults.  It's a great introduction to biathlon.  Last years several racers were 10-11 years old.

Price: 15.00

Race Results: 1/11/09

Race Results: Pineland Race, Southern Maine Bill Koch Youth Ski League

Technique: Freestyle

Lollypop Division
1 Lauklia, Sophia Yarmouth                         
2 Hester, Niklas Falmouth                         
3 Hester, Annika Falmouth                       

J5 Girls Barbara, Gretchen Yarmouth 20:34 

J4 Girls None

1 Laukli, Evan Yarmouth 10:10
2 Jones, Henry Yarmouth 12:40
3 Humphries, Ethan Freeport 13:11
4 Pietropaoli, Timmy Freeportt 13:44

J3 Girls
1 Hatton, Dana Cape Elizabeth 17:14
2 Bell, Ihilia Yarmouth 18:38
3 Laukli, Katrina Yarmouth 22:37

J3 Boys
1 Jacobs, Jacob Yarmoth 14:54
2 Hall, Carter     Yarmouth 17:08
3 Jones, Sammy Yarmouth 19:29
4 Smith, Colin Cape Elizabeth 24:28
5 Shedd, Nicholas Cape Elizabeth 28:29

J2 Girls 
1 Pidden, Emma Yarmouth 20:01

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thursday 1/7

We had a great day on Tuesday.  We had an enjoyable dryland session and we're excited about the snow today.  On Thursday we will ski.  Parents, please mark all ski equipment with something that identifies your skier.  Masking tape with a name will probably work best.  Everyone  seems to have black poles and Rossignol skis.  This can create problems when equipment is being taken on and off.  Also ensure that hats and gloves are brought to the session. 

Also, please ensure that your skier has signed up through your rec program or Cumberland Recreation directly.

Coaches, if anyone can bring a camera tomorrow that would be great.  It should be a pretty day out there.  

Thanks and see you out there!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Youth Ski Program starting Tuesday-Dryland

The Cumberland Youth Ski Program will begin tomorrow as scheduled, minus the snow.  We walked the trails on Saturday and found there was a layer of crust with ice underneath.  The trails are skiable, however it would not be an enjoyable experience.

For Tuesday, we'll have a dryland session.  We'll break the group into subgroups.  We'll do some hiking, various drills, trivia questions (very successful the last time this happened) and some general adventure.  It won't be skiing but we'll have a good  time.  The kids will get some good exercise.   Have the kids come with cold weather attire, sneakers, ski poles, and a sense of adventure.

Coaches, I'll send you out an email on Tuesday morning and I'll give you a plan when the session starts tomorrow.  Remember to have the kids dropped off on the Tuttle Road entrance of Twin Brook at 3:25.  We'll be finished around 4:30-4:45.


Hopefully the snow will come through on Wednesday and we'll ski  Thursday.