Friday, February 27, 2009

Youth Skiing Wraps Up March 3rd

Next Tuesday, March 3rd, will be the last day of the Cumberland Youth Skiing program for the year. We'll start the session at 3:30. Around 4:15, we'll stop and have pizza and whatever else to celebrate the season. We'll do this under the veranda at the new red building at Twin Brook, where we always meet.

For parents who have not come out to ski, please come, whether by ski, snowshoe, or foot. This will be a great opportunity to observe what we've been doing this winter and I'll think you'll enjoy it.

Please RSVP by calling Cumberland Recreation at 829-2208 on Monday or Tuesday. Also, feel free to RSVP via email to
Cumberland Rec will supply the pizza, plates, and napkins. If you're interested in contributing,
here is a list of items that we could use to enhance the event:
In the event of extreme weather, like rain, we'll move it to the gym at the Memorial School in North Yarmouth. As of now, the weather is predicted to be around 30 degrees with some snow showers. This will be conducive to having the event at Twin Brook. If the weather changes, drastically, I'll email by noon Tuesday.
Thanks and have a good weekend!

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